Fact Finding: helping people who need to know
something and don't have time to learn

Examples of typical projects

  • Research and explain the difference between copyright and trademark, describe when a trademark might be a good idea

  • Find the necessary information to put a propriatory blend of spices into production and distribution

  • Research and describe how to select and install an electronic shopping cart to tie in with an existing merchant account, recommend the best components and vendors for a web designer's clients

  • Help a consultant collect information on the latest buzz in mentoring programs for the corporate world

  • Research and write weekly website content for a virtual green career center

  • Assist in setting up a Paypal account and teach how to use it to bill clients

  • Find some statistics and quotes to jazz up a presentation on the benefits of networking follow-up

  • Research the pros and cons of self-publishing with lulu.com and write a how-to guide

  • Research and write a step-by-step tutorial for using the online system to register original musical compositions with the U.S. Copyright Office

  • Learn how to evaluate Point Of Sale vendors and equipment, explain the criteria and make recommendations for system design

  • Research the details of culture and cuisine to make sure a themed event would be historically accurate


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