Fact Finding: helping people who need to know
something and don't have time to learn

Produce Guides to living with HIV and Hepatitis C


  • The problem:

Alice (not her name), 40-something, was diagnosed with HIV/AIDs and Hepatitis C. The doctor who gave her the news was not providing her with any detailed information. She and her family needed to know what this diagnosis meant, what her options were, and how to live together safely and comfortably.


  • Our Outcome:

Using library and Internet resources for research, I compiled and edited 2 guides of 300+ pages each, describing in plain English the nature of the virus, how it spreads, how the disease progresses, what to expect in the short term and long term, how to minimize the symptoms, how to care for the sick person, how to keep from getting infected, myths and fallacies about the diseases, where to find support groups, and extensive bibliographies for further study.

Alice felt empowered and more in control of her life and her disease. She became a patient at a local HIV clinic where she received financial assistance and treatment information. Her family was reassured as to their own safety while being able to take care of her needs.

These two guides became very popular at local support groups, and were even circulated to groups in other areas of the country.


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